The American Regime has subsumed its critiques at the highest level of government, for all to witness. Propaganda can now operate without information asymmetry. Irony has bitten its tail. Will it too consume the body? Will the world recurs into its head, into the frothing mouth with its spinning tongue? Is this the shrinking ring of a single man? When will such overturning cease to be amusing? When will cynicism loose its cheer? When will dividuated political animals lift their heads from their desks, from their pews, from their sanguine but unbloodied dinner tables? This lifting of heads was once thought to be of anthropocentric significance—a way of discerning people from sheep. Are we still hungover from looking too high for too long? Is this master jester again another surrogate idol? Has the day finally come when we laud only our own idiocy? Is this not the idiom of reactionism, capitalized by the idiosyncratic individual? Is this American Regime not an idiocracy? What specter-other is to bray its way abroad, beyond the city walls? Who would still laugh, as the body lurches into the maw of irony? Who is left to claim the specter, to claim the dark profile of the ancient earthenware once broken, the gull of our snide hoax, the brunt of an old joke? It is we! It is we who yaw with yawns, who clap with laughs, who sit and watch and click and grunt. It is we who deify boring cynicism!
The below quotation is the “Old Irony“, as fashioned by Donald John Trump. Read as he feeds propaganda to itself:
“We’re going to drain the swamp of corruption. Funny how that caught on, isn’t it? I told, I tell everyo—I hate it! Somebody said, Drain the swamp. I said, Oh, that’s so hokey. That’s so terrible. But I said, Alright [with appeasing tone], I’ll try it. So, like a month ago, I said, Drain the swamp—place went crazy. I said, Waow. What’s this? Then I said it again. Then I started saying it like a meant it, right? And then I said it—I started loving it. And the [place, love (incoherent)], [let’s, love, it’s (incoherent)] drain the swamp. I mean, it’s true. It’s true. It’s true—drain the swamp.”


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