I have been been blogging about food and other interests since 2010. It had originally been an anonymous undertaking. At the risk of romancing the absolute, let me offer my former self some unmannerly advice: anonymous writing is not for (most) writers.

If you have hermetic delusions, put them aside. If you’re expecting audiences to appear before you upon the stroke of a key, you will, as Yeats wrote, grow “as weary-hearted as that hollow moon.”

After some discussion with “industry” poets, writers, journalists, professors and editors, the need to adapt has become suddenly urgent. Within this eponymous space, I will convene a variety of original content. Look for short fiction, long fiction, poetry; non-fiction on food, books, irritants, esteems, etc.

Oh, and I encourage commentary. Scroll down and click “Follow.” To email me directly, albelharlow@gmail.com.

My work can be also be found at Zest Literary Journal and Thought Catalog.



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